Getting It Together

We this week starting off on a great note; development of the dome and structure is coming along quite well. Numbers and calculations are coming along with what needs to be at what length and with what diameter in the structure. One of the challenges with figuring out EXACTLY what this “dome” will look like is coming up with HOW this dome will be put together.

We are still trying to figure out different methods of lashing bamboo together in a perpendicular fashion as well as diagonally for a trust system and side by side for “clumping” together thinner strips of bamboo. There’s other methods we are still looking into but we are doing our best to figure out how to bring bamboo together and work well enough to support live loads and be simple enough to where we aren’t spending an eternity lashing these pieces together. All in all our brains are ticking and doing their best to figure out how this will work in what kinds of ways.

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