Digital Dome

Over the last couple weeks we have found that 3D modeling our design is going to help us a lot when it comes time to build.  We started with simple dome studies and decided that we liked the dome that has all its pieces radiating from six points (second from right in the picture below).

We then began looking at how the bridge could interact with the dome. We want the dome and bridge to work together to hold each other up and decided to do this with a superfly, inspired by ZanFagna and the Piscataqua River Bridge.

Once we nailed down our ideas we started working on a new Rhino model to help us figure out how all the parts will fit together.

If we build this model accurately on the computer, we will have the lengths of each piece and know exactly where every intersection is supposed to happen. Then we can create a numbering system and assemble the parts on site. The process of building the dome, stairs and superfly on the computer is taking a long time but it should make our lives a little easier in the next few weeks.


  1. Best post yet! Thanks for taking us through the process. Looks like its realy coming together digitally . . . I’ve got my fingers crossed for fabrication.

  2. Hi there your work is very interesting i was wondering if you know how to produce double layer grid of a dome shape? As i am having some problems with it.

    1. The trick was to construct the dome with concentric dome layers. We estimated the bamboo to have a diameter of 1 1/2″ and we had three overlapping layers (Inner, Middle, and Outer). Overlapping joints would be lashed together. Middle layer to inner layer and middle layer to outer layer. Outer and inner layers were not lashed to one another as they never touched.

      1. Sorry did not understand? Could you produce the double layer dome on autocad and send me it as a file please

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