Art Waits for No Man

The build phase of the project is nearly here and we are putting the finishing touches on the design for our bamboo “Pulse Dome.”  We are still working out the construction method of the bamboo bridge, joining details, and a weaving method to incorporate into the guardrails.  This may seem like a lot of work still left to do but we feel that we are getting very close to completing the design.  We have a meeting Monday with a structural engineer to give us advice on some of the more challenging structural aspects of the project and so that we can address any concerns that he may have.

We are currently largely in a testing phase.  Some students are spending their time further testing the strength and reliability of various methods of joining bamboo.  Others are considering the way that the scaled model will be built and testing different methods of weaving the guardrails, both for strength and aesthetics.  Details of the railing are also being tested and discussed.  We are confident that we will soon resolve the construction issues that we are facing and complete the design details in time for our meeting with the city to get approval in early November.  However, this project cannot afford to wait around for approval.  We will begin building the components off site in the next couple of days to ensure that we meet our strict deadline of completion on November 19th.

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