Mission (Almost) Complete!

We are all very excited and happy with the way the dome and bridge turned out that everyone is pumped to show it off! Thursday night we constructed the rest of the dome and we finished early enough for most of us to get a nice break for the weekend. It took us an extra [...]

Mixed Emotions

  Well yesterday felt like the biggest setback we've come across. But we have to move forward! I feel like everyone has a share of mixed emotions; some are frustration, sleepiness, and excitement. We are all still excited to build this and get this project done. But I also feel a physical, emotional, and mental [...]

Getting It Together

We this week starting off on a great note; development of the dome and structure is coming along quite well. Numbers and calculations are coming along with what needs to be at what length and with what diameter in the structure. One of the challenges with figuring out EXACTLY what this "dome" will look like [...]

Time To Step It Up A Notch

The review today went quite well. Over the weekend we all worked so hard in finishing up this project for thre review and there was a sense of stress and sleeplessness throughout the room. But we made it! The plan is coming along. We have to further look into our ideas and get them more [...]

Where to go next?

We have had a very interesting week from our review on Monday. Our plan is to start over in a sense and dream of new ideas. We split into groups to research ideas about our new options and then after coming back together we went back and split into different groups to research deeper into [...]

Individual – Group

Today was plenty interesting with our individual design review. I was happy to fully understand everyone's ideas and very fascinated over everyones individual concept on developing a structure inspired by Don ZanFagna. I feel we are all off to such a nice start to our group designs. After the review we all paired into groups [...]

Summing up the Research

Pluse Dome

We started off not knowing exactly where we were headed with this Design/Build project; but I’m glad to see how the first phase is coming along. All the results we are gathering from our research are really paying off and I feel like I’ve learned about so many things I knew nothing about within less [...]