Summing up the Research

Pluse Dome

We started off not knowing exactly where we were headed with this Design/Build project; but I’m glad to see how the first phase is coming along. All the results we are gathering from our research are really paying off and I feel like I’ve learned about so many things I knew nothing about within less then one week! Pulse Dome

We managed to make sure to organize our research and plan out our template for our Presentation of all research; for Monday’s review. We all work well as a team and things are starting off well when it comes to teamwork. With our format for our Presentation pretty much decided; we are well on our way to making an awesome presentation of research for Monday. We also decided what our individual “science fare” projects are; which will be presented with our research on Monday as well.

Pluse DomeThis day has only made me more excited on this whole project we are doing and excited to move to the next phase with this group.

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