Magnetic pulls, solar power, science projects… Oh my!

As Clemson football is approaching, so are science projects. We have only scraped the surface on researching. This isn’t your typical kind of research. It is mind-boggling, heavy and bewildering. I’m afraid an erupting volcano isn’t going to cut it.

Starting tomorrow, each student is choosing a project to test in hopes to further uncover theories. These projects range from de-composing energy to hydroponics.

Did you know that you can have a natural pool in your backyard? These natural pools use the roots of plants to clean the waters bacteria instead of chlorine, creating its own ecosystem.


Or how about magnetic pulls. Ever heard of thinking putty? Millions of micron-sized magnets are embedded in silly putty. This gives a charge to the silly putty, making it magnetic.


From a full weekend of Clemson football to completing a science project, a busy weekend lies ahead. But this only means we are one step closer to meeting our challenge.

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