Mission (Almost) Complete!

We are all very excited and happy with the way the dome and bridge turned out that everyone is pumped to show it off! Thursday night we constructed the rest of the dome and we finished early enough for most of us to get a nice break for the weekend. It took us an extra longer night to accomplish this, but it was finished and looks beautiful!

2012-11-29 19.47.272012-11-29 19.11.222012-11-29 20.33.192012-11-29 20.47.24


I came to the shop on friday morning to take better “finished” photos of the dome. We are all so proud of it! We love it! I think a few of us even wanted to cry! At this point most of us were enjoying our morning “off” from building the dome.


2012-11-30 08.19.31
2012-11-30 08.19.402012-11-30 08.20.352012-11-30 08.20.432012-11-30 08.20.102012-11-30 08.20.042012-11-30 08.21.14
2012-11-30 08.20.54


Well with this part of the “mission” complete we have the opening of the dome on Tuesday to look forward to. We need to get ready for the event and clean up anything that needs to be finished on the dome. We also have our review of the project on friday and the Halsey event next week. It’s a busy last week ahead of us but I know we can do this! Our mission is almost complete.

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