Just Enough Time To Catch Our Breath


We are at a time of the semester that is very gratifying. We have completed the build portion of this fall’s project and everyone is very excited and relieved that things finally came together. Although there were many problems and roadblocks along the way, and at many times we almost through in the towel, persistance payed off and now something that was just a creative concept has become a unique, tactile experience. Yet, with 10 days left in the semester, there are still a few very important things left to do.

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To celebrate the accomplishment built in the CAC.C Shop yard at 1 Simons Street, we are having a cookout on Tuesday the 4th to unveil our “Pulse Dome” to all of you that have been so supportive of the project over the past three months. This event will run from 5-7, and if you are reading this post you are obviously a supporter of the project and we look forward to seeing you Tuesday.


Now, typically a celebration such as this one marks the end of a project, but the semester does not end for us just yet… An important part of every design/build project is compiling a thorough set of documents illustrating the research, process and product. It is particularly important with this semester’s project for one because the temporary nature of the built piece requires detailed documentation of the artifact to happen immediately. Secondly, the problem solving and mental gymnastics required to pull off this project is unparalleled, and it is that process that we need to document clearly and uniquely. Failures and successes are of equal importance, and must be documented that way.

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To accompany the Halsey’s symposium on December 8th: BIO-LOGICAL ARCHITECTURE: PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE, Studio V will be giving a brief presentation of the semester’s work preceding talks by Linda Weintraub, an eco-art-architecture writer, William Katavolos, an architect and designer, and the Halsey Institute’s curator Mark Sloan who will discuss eco-bio-architecture and how it pertains in particular to Don ZanFagna’s life and work with a focus on the ideas underlying the Pulse Dome Project. Studio V will also be creating a collage in the spirit of ZanFagna which will illustrate the semester’s timeline by mapping the creative process which will be displayed in the hallway outside the Halsey Gallery. This chance for the students to document their journey and present their accomplishments and hardships is an exciting opportunity and a perfect way to finish the semester.

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