Time To Step It Up A Notch

The review today went quite well. Over the weekend we all worked so hard in finishing up this project for thre review and there was a sense of stress and sleeplessness throughout the room. But we made it!

The plan is coming along. We have to further look into our ideas and get them more defined. We are thinking of how to play the different domes on the fountain; whether to place different materials on top the bamboo base or maybe even changing the bamboo’s shape with geodesics or maybe even appearance with the different species. We will also be looking into the idea of where to exactly place a pump for water to be collected and create the electricity needed to power lights for the night look of the structure. It’ll be interesting to find out either way what we will do in the end.
It’s time for more bamboo testing and more ideas to be brought to the table. The steam worked well along with the flames being applied to strips of the thicker bamboo but only 2 days of testing wasn’t enough time to justify full research. Thus this is something else we will be looking into starting asap. But I have extreme confidence in our group to make it through and come up with an amazing structure; our idea of the structure is already amazing I can only imagine how the end result will turn out. The excitement I believe is starting to really flow within us all.

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