Sitting by the Fire

The past couple of days, we have been testing the material capabilities of bamboo.  With the intent that the bamboo will bend and hold a form, we hope to build our dome off-site and have an easy/quick installation on the corner of King and Calhoun.

The rig was constructed on Thursday (Oct. 4) with a chamber to hold the bamboo and vent the steam, a pot to hold the water, and our very own campfire.

We have yet to conquer the full round bamboo (max 6 hours), but we can bend the half round (kind of) and we can definitely bend the quarter round. We will not give up so easily.  We will begin again in the morning and tackle it with a clear head.  I have faith that we will get what we are looking for, because we have seen it done.  While that was going on a group of us have been working closely with the design and structure.  This includes the dome’s structure, stairs, platform, and experience.  Our recent endeavors have us building the site model and closely looking at possible hurtles to leap… like trees… so many trees.

With every day this project becomes more realistic.  It is hard to believe that we began with ZanFagna’s theories and artwork, and are coming out with a design that will fall right into the heart of the city.

…Don’t be convinced that we are working around the clock.  We often take breaks and grab a bite to eat.

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