Moving Forward

Yesterday was our final design review with the client.

The bamboo dome on top of the fountain was generally liked by the reviewers. It shouldn’t be too difficult to construct considering all of the sections on the main dome are exactly the same curve just cut where the doors occur, as long as we can come up with an efficient method to bend the material.  But, we learned that we have a lot of work to do on the stairs and the platform.
In the next few weeks we will need to work as a team to figure out how many stair cases we will have.  Before the review I thought we should have three stairs but after hearing the comments from Mr. Sloan, I really like the idea of having two stairs.  Simplifying our design down to two stairs would be less expensive than three and would also open up the opportunity for us to have a viewing area that faces toward the Halsey. We could post information on the show and directions to the gallery in this space. This space could be a little different from the rest of the dome and make the installation more than just something to pass through.

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