Decisions, Decisions

After our review on Monday, we have decided to consider simplifying our design to include fewer stair components for cost purposes.  We also are considering including a viewing platform in place of one set of stairs to serve as an advertising element for the Halsey gallery.  Our focus now is to solidify a design and structure for both the dome and the stair/platform component.  We are continuing to test the strength and ability to bend bamboo of different sizes.  This will help dictate the structure of the dome, as it will probably limit our ability to use large diameter whole bamboo stalks.  This will force us to use smaller bamboo or cut the sprouts into quartered pieces.  We are currently researching recycled materiality possibilities for the walkway, stairs, and railings.

One of the main concerns voiced by the city officials at the review on Monday was the possibility of damage to the existing fountain.  We are considering different options to ensure that this does not happen.  These include looking into creating a bridge so that nothing bears on the fountain or possibly using rubber as a buffer to create friction and keep the structure from scratching or damaging the fountain.  These are some of the options that we will explore in the next week.  We will present our design in a special meeting with the Design Review Committee of Charleston to get approval so that we can begin building the structure in pieces offsite to be assembled quickly on site in only a few days.  Our timeline is pressing, as the structure is to be finished before Thanksgiving, so we are planning on making key decisions about structure and materiality quickly so we do not delay the process.

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