Individual – Group

Today was plenty interesting with our individual design review. I was happy to fully understand everyone’s ideas and very fascinated over everyones individual concept on developing a structure inspired by Don ZanFagna. I feel we are all off to such a nice start to our group designs.

After the review we all paired into groups for the next chapter of this process where in our groups we will develop a particular idea and further examine the possibilities of making these ideas come to life like a pulse dome. I’m very excited to see as to how our groups will pursue these ideas. It means a lot of work but it will all pay off in the end. There are a total of three groups that were formed. Two groups have three people in them and one with 4. the first group will focus on developing the idea of using multiple systems to work within a whole structure and have it sort of self sustaining. The second group will focus on developing the idea of vibrations creating energy and bringing light and excitement and knowledge of ZanFagna to the city of Charleston. And the third group plans to develop the idea of water being the main material in making a structure for this event. All the people grouped together had strengths and weaknesses in there idea and we plan to further our ideas and come together and create a beautiful structure. This will be an exciting and hard week ahead!

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