T-11 hours

Tomorrow dates our fist individual design review with professionals from the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Clemson University and Don ZanFagna’s family. Up until this point we have been researching. Applying our research to an actual design has been challenging and presenting it will be even more of a challenge. The ideas we have come up with are so complicated. Sometimes they are even over my own head.

So tomorrow comes the challenge of explaining our concept and designs. We are working individually so I have little idea about who all is doing what. Piezoelectricity is my topic of interest. It’s complicated, yet very intriguing. The idea of piezoelectricity uses vibrations to create energy. Vibration comes from tons of sources: cars, people walking, music… Harnessing these vibrations might be the source to greener electricity! Whether my design gets chosen or not, I am still hoping to incorporate piezoelectricity into the groups design to demonstrate how our own bodies PULSE can create energy.

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