Vote Studio V

As citizens of the city of Charleston, it is your civic duty to vote for the Studio V’s Pulse Dome tomorrow… If only it were that simple.  The life or death of this project is going to be decided by the city when we present to the Design Review Committee of Charleston tomorrow.  With that being said, the CAC.C shop has been relatively busy for the past week in preparation.

















Many hours have been applied to the presentation boards, model, and design development.  Along with the preparation for the final build.

Steps have been made to fabricating the metal ring holding the dome.

An attempt was made to acquire more bamboo for the decking pieces, but there is a lot more that we need to harvest.

Jigs are being made to cut the pieces for the truss.

Lashing rope has been purchased.

With the amount of work we’ve put into this project, I believe I can speak for everyone when I say I hope we do well tomorrow…. Oh and don’t forget to vote for us.  Happy Election Day.

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