Bamboo Bustless

Lately we have been having trouble with the bamboo breaking while in construction of the dome.  The problem occurs when we have to lash two or more pieces of bamboo together in order to get the proper length.  The bamboo, when bent and continuously stressed would break where the overlapping bamboo terminated.  The decision was made on Tuesday to not lash the pieces to make the length, but rather form the dome then join the two ends when they meet.  With the joints labelled on each piece of bamboo, we are fairly confident in our ability to create the shape we are looking for, but it is hard to make the mark.  Literally you have to use some elbow-grease just to bend the bamboo into place then hope it gets lashed quickly.  Time and man hours will help us erect our elusive dome, but with Thanksgiving Break starting today, It is hard to say we will see that accomplished within the week.  With that being said, I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving… and thank you for following us through our journey.


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