This week we realized how challenging it would be to build stairs for the bridge structure that spans across the dome. We looked at the possibility of having a ramp, but we needed to see if it would be possible by asking the city first; we obviously have to follow the proper code to do so.

After rumor got around that the ramp was a go ahead, we began looking at different ramp designs. The truss we have constructed is where the ramp will be placed; how to attach the ramp on to the truss itself is what we have to work out. If we place the ramp on top of the truss there will be little overhead clearance. If we place the ramp on the nodes of the truss the integrity of the truss will not be as strong and if we place the ramp underneath the truss, where we see this more feasible, we will solely be relying on the lashing technic we use.

There are many challenges that we are faced with and many to come. We need to go in with a good mind set and these challenges we will overcome. I am especially excited for the next two weeks because we are finally going to see this structure come to life.

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