Becoming Boy/Girl Scouts

Over the past few days we have been looking into a multitude of things like ramp vs stair, custom truss vs shifting the dowel, and what diameter of bamboo we should use for everything.  The reason of this is because when Cameron and Pastre hung on the truss together it bowed down, and we are now trying to figure out how to fix that. Yet out of all the things it could be the one thing that we are not changing is the method that we lash the bamboo to the other.

This makes the little boy scout inside me very happy and I am proud of that little knot we came up with for being able to handle all those forces and still stay strong.

But at the end of all this we all should be good boy/girl scouts from all the complicated knots we are going to have to tie. But just in case we are going to wrap them all in old tire inner tubes so that if they look bad we don’t have to see them.

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