“Don’t go chasing waterfalls”

Despite tomorrow being Friday, I am afraid Studio V’s weekend isn’t going to be spent at Folly Beach… Rather the upper studio at 20 Franklin Street. As you probably know, we had our group project review on Wednesday. Our collaborative ideas are now challenging us to work together as a studio whole…. Strength in team work is what we need to get us to Monday.

We started off the day by meeting as a studio brainstorming through concepts, materials and energy sources. By tomorrow we need an official site and to choose on a convincing design which we are presenting Monday. To spice it up, Professor Pastre took us to a event held by the Building Enclosure Council of Charleston. Dr. Vincent Blouin, Materials Science and Engineering Professor at Clemson University, spoke about phase changing materials (PCMs).  For example: waters phase can change from solid to liquid to gas and back again. The idea is to take PCMs and add them to common building materials to make them more energy efficient. Despite the setbacks, the concept is encouraging.

Hopefully we can take this encouragement and get a second wind for this upcoming weekend! Wish us luck

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