Where to go next?

We have had a very interesting week from our review on Monday. Our plan is to start over in a sense and dream of new ideas. We split into groups to research ideas about our new options and then after coming back together we went back and split into different groups to research deeper into [...]

“Don’t go chasing waterfalls”

Despite tomorrow being Friday, I am afraid Studio V's weekend isn't going to be spent at Folly Beach... Rather the upper studio at 20 Franklin Street. As you probably know, we had our group project review on Wednesday. Our collaborative ideas are now challenging us to work together as a studio whole.... Strength in team [...]

Crunch Time

At this point we still don't have a distinct  design direction to follow.  We are now beginning to realize the limitations that the site and city will place on possible design ideas.  Two additional sites that we have not directly considered were introduced to us today: the fountain on the corner of Marion Square and [...]

10 Heads Are Better Than 1

It's hard to believe this is the sixth week of school. We have been through research and two cycles of designs so far.  Tomorrow is the beginning of our final stages of design and there are still a thousand possibilities. The three designs from yesterday's review had different strengths and weaknesses so it will be [...]

Practical Design

So the class is done with the small group design portion of the semester, and it is now time to move on to the actual design build project. Although after designing many projects for my major, it has occurred to me, that this is the first time, that I have actually had a project where the design decided in the class, [...]

New lease on life

This is a pivotal weekend for Studio V, and the students are madly preparing for a review Monday afternoon. Instead of focusing this post to our current efforts though, I am going to actually write about part of last semester's project that is getting a new lease on life. Over the past two weekends I have [...]

I’m having too much fun

I really don't want to say much... because I'm tired.  I'm tired because I've spent all night playing with electricity.  No, I'm not flying a kite in a lightning storm, and I'm certainly not going around sticking my finger in electrical outlets.  I've been messing with our new Brass Piezo Disks that just came in [...]

You Can Do It

I as well as three other group members focused in on making Katavolos’s idea work for our Water Architecture portion of the project most of yesterday and today. We have observed so far that we will need to help support the water structure vertically and horizontally. We will also need to use stronger clear material; [...]