Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Sketch model in progress

It’s kind of hard for me to believe that we are just six weeks into this semester, and I know that the students of Studio V feel as though they have been at it much longer than that too. This weekend has been a rough one for the students, but a good one for making strides toward forming this project. With so much emphasis this semester spent on research and conceptual design, the students have had a little trouble this past week switching gears to working in a large group toward the final design for this semester. I do understand some of the transitional shock the students are feeling has to do with me suggesting moving the site from Marion Square to the fountain on the corner of Marion Square (yes Jim Graham, you read that right).

Tomorrow we have a casual meeting with Dennis Dowd and Matt Compton who both sit on the city’s Design Review Committee, to preview our concept for the fountain, and to get feedback prior to presenting to them officially. It is important to present our conceptual design clearly so as to give them a clear idea as to what we are conceiving, and to get the best critique possible from them. Given the tight schedule we have, getting approval from the DRC the first time around is necessary.

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