After working for a month separately, our studio v finally become one group again. Andtoday we are trying to get our team working in a same floor plan and a certain reasonable structure. We worked the whole Friday afternoon, and everyone try to come up with a practical idea. It was a long afternoon, I'm [...]


Two tribes have merged into one. After the review of the two group concepts yesterday, Studio V is now working as one group of seven. By next Friday, our goal is to have one clear and complete design concept. Combining some of the best ideas from both designs is our next step in the design [...]

Group Conceptual Design Review

Today was a huge benchmark for our conceptual design.  Both groups presented strong design applications and solutions for a highly functional GAP shed.  Though there is still much work to do, we were able to take a look at both designs and see which circulation patterns, functional qualities, and structural options contained better solutions.  There [...]

A Busy Day

This is a supper busy day, we just have less than 24 hours before the small group review. In past weekend, we took a long time to talk about the suitable style roof. As we known, different people have totally different ideas about the same issue. Fortunately, we made an agreement in the last minute. [...]

We Got This!

      Its crunch time! With the review less than 48hours away we are all super busy trying to get everything done and done well. Some issues have arose along this path we are taking but we are working forward. Since deciding on a floor plan everything else seemed to fall into place pretty [...]

Mid-Week Critique

Today we continued working in our two groups on our designs for the GAP Shed.  Like others said earlier, my group with Nicole and Elppa are working towards a more modular design, whereas the others are focusing on a design more focused on the experiences in the shed.  Halfway through the studio, both groups met [...]

Teamwork Together

Individual Design Presentation-It was a market of ideas. I focused on creating green space, linking three components function separately, which also bring landscape close to people in the shed. However, My design had been thought as being romantic rather than reality. I feel like I still got a lot to learn from the studio design [...]


While John,  Nicole and Elppa work together as “Team Modular”,  Ashly, Stacie, Yuxiang and me work as a team. Our Team has a much more awesome name, It is "MA". "MA" is a Japanese word which can be roughly translated as "gap", "space", "pause" or "the space between two structural parts."  Well, In China, we call this [...]

Team Modular

Today marked the first day of working in teams for the design of the GAP shed.  I am working with John and Elppa on “Team Modular.” Our concept is to create a flexible, expandable structure with modular units or panels. Modular design is based on similar, repeated units that make up a whole. These units [...]