Group Conceptual Design Review

Today was a huge benchmark for our conceptual design.  Both groups presented strong design applications and solutions for a highly functional GAP shed.  Though there is still much work to do, we were able to take a look at both designs and see which circulation patterns, functional qualities, and structural options contained better solutions.  There were many positives, and as always, some negatives to both design groups. However, as we have officially combined forces for the overall design concept, these issues will certainly be straightened out with the power of seven.

photo 3

For Team Modular, the compact design proved a very capable solution for mobility and the break-down of parts.  Ease of access was key to this design, and it showed strongly.

photo 5

For Team Ma, the linear approach proved to allow much efficiency while performing procedures throughout the shed.  Also, it seems as though the communal space is still a big hit, allowing for a place to rest and relax, while acting as a divider between two important functions of the GAP shed.

Leading into our overall group design, we have already set a basis for further studies in understanding how our shed will function to its upmost potential.  This is where we each will have a part in exploring in-depth functions, such as appropriate roofing systems, the functionality of circulation and work spaces, and even the sloped floor or perhaps a central drainage system.  As always, there is much to explore, and I am certain we will come out successful in our final concept review scheduled for next Friday.

*Many thanks to everyone who joined our presentation and discussion afterward today.  Collaboration is key for this process, and it is always extremely helpful to have an outward look on our project, farmer and architect alike.

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