Introduction to Baking

We recently had our first assignment in our Introduction To Craft course. This consisted of trying out everyone’s cakes and pastries and putting our baking skills to the test. We all had the chance to explain our recipe and process and share what worked and what didn’t during the experimentation of our creations.  It was [...]

Reading, Baking, and Convocation

As classes begin and the Fall 2023 semester gets underway, there is much to be excited about. I have been eager for this semester to begin, in anticipation of the build phase of the Singleton pavilion project, the completion of the Ardmore bridge project, and much more. One of the courses I am taking this [...]

Bringing the Drawings to Life

As the week comes to an end, the Frierson group is working to execute the prefabricated elements for the counter, bench, and door handles. Because of the long commute to the site, we are staying in the shop this week to precut and weld as many pieces as possible. It is crucial we start pre-assembling [...]

Here We Go Again

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. With only three weeks left in the semester, there are a lot of things that are needing to be done. We have three projects that we are working on and plan on having them finished by the end of April! With that, we have broken up [...]

On the path of INNOVATION!

This year, we will be building the pavilion partly with a different material that has been used in aircraft! It's referred to as 'composite'. It is a great opportunity to experiment and explore applications of innovative materials and set an example!  As we are on the verge of completing the design of the pavilion, we [...]

Small Group Design

After sharing our individual designs with stakeholders last Friday, we have been split into small groups to further the design process. Some groups are choosing to implement characteristics from their original garden designs while others are choosing to create something completely new. For the next 2 weeks we are planning to draw schematics and figure [...]


To recap, last Friday we held our first design review with some of the stakeholders for the Singleton Park Project where each student presented their individual designs for the park. It was fun seeing everyone's work and it was very informative to hear feedback from the stakeholders on what worked and what did not. After [...]

Welcome to Charleston, Mr. President!

On Thursday, February 9th, the President's Leadership Institute (PLI) of Clemson University came down to the Clemson Architecture Center Charleston (CACC) in the Cigar Factory to visit Clemson architecture's Charleston fluid studio. Consisting of President Jim Clements and a cohort of faculty from Clemson University, including both Jim Stevens and Dan Harding of Clemson architecture, [...]

Making a Game Plan

While taking a tour all over Charleston to visit past projects, we were able to experience each project within their distinct context. It was very inspiring to see how each build settles into the space and it was difficult to imagine the space without the build. Each project existed as if it was meant to [...]