Ready, Set, BRIDGE!

And just like that, the ardmore bridge is set in place.. We had an early start today meeting on site at 7:30 in the morning. We met with city employees who were operating a huge crane. Since the foundation and formwork had already been set, the only thing left to do was place the bridge. [...]

So Much to do … So Much to See

Hello again. There is much to share from this last week, weekend, and yesterday. Some of what I am sharing has been discussed in previous posts but I wanted to share some of my personal experiences/achievements with these events. This post will mention several different events so I will try to be concise in my [...]

The Climax!

In her blog, Olivia did a fantastic job of describing the bridges' assembly procedure. So I'll carry on with the tale. On Saturday, September 17, 2023, after 2 PM, we strived for perfection! However, few of them were half an inch off. So we loosened the bolts and we attempted to hammer them back into [...]

Bakers Gonna Bake!

Our studio is focusing on working in separate groups as we continue the Singleton pavilion project and work on wrapping up the Ardmore Bridge project. We also have been preparing for Hurricane Idalia to come through Charleston. This week the bridge team worked on laying out all the steel pieces and started bolting them together. [...]

Introduction to Baking

We recently had our first assignment in our Introduction To Craft course. This consisted of trying out everyone’s cakes and pastries and putting our baking skills to the test. We all had the chance to explain our recipe and process and share what worked and what didn’t during the experimentation of our creations.  It was [...]

Reading, Baking, and Convocation

As classes begin and the Fall 2023 semester gets underway, there is much to be excited about. I have been eager for this semester to begin, in anticipation of the build phase of the Singleton pavilion project, the completion of the Ardmore bridge project, and much more. One of the courses I am taking this [...]


We started our semester with a very interesting course, ITC. ITC stands for ‘Introduction To Craft’. For this course, our class is divided into two sections based on two building materials, wood and concrete. It is an excellent opportunity to get in-depth knowledge of materials, their properties, applications and some hands-on experience as well. Our first [...]

Finish Line Coming Up

As the semester is coming to a close there is still so much to do! On Friday we were able to get the columns in place and put in the framework for the concrete pour that is happening tomorrow. After we tie up some loose ends on site, we plan on going straight back to [...]

Jackie of all Trades

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog you know that this last week of the semester has consisted of wrapping up a couple of projects with the main focus being on Frierson Elementary. Monday we installed the countertop, sink, shelves, and a few door handles. With no surprise, we stumbled upon a little bump [...]