Pop Revit

3D model in Revit Elevations of each wall Separately from the Mystery Mockup, but still very much connected to it in the methodology, is the full spectrum of the interior to the Solar Decathlon cabinetry.  While the mockup was altered slightly to test every element of the cabinets that needed to be tested, the full [...]

Refreshed and ready

Our spring break is now over and I think I can say at least for myself that I needed every bit of it.  It was great to relax for a short while.  Our studio has been pretty much full throttle the entire first half of the semester.  I'm sure the trend will continue into the [...]

Construction Documents: The Next Level

In preparation for our next meeting with John Moore, Studio V is in the process of getting together a booklet of Construction Docs.  Revit has proven to be a great tool for us during this process, and we are moving forward quickly, hoping that by Friday our GAP shed will be figured out structurally down to [...]


After working for a month separately, our studio v finally become one group again. Andtoday we are trying to get our team working in a same floor plan and a certain reasonable structure. We worked the whole Friday afternoon, and everyone try to come up with a practical idea. It was a long afternoon, I'm [...]

Group Conceptual Design Review

Today was a huge benchmark for our conceptual design.  Both groups presented strong design applications and solutions for a highly functional GAP shed.  Though there is still much work to do, we were able to take a look at both designs and see which circulation patterns, functional qualities, and structural options contained better solutions.  There [...]

Process is not Magic

...Process is truly not magic, but the magic resides in the quality of doing. For the past few class sessions we have been working together, in groups, to filter, rearrange, and add improvements to the three schematic designs. Repetition and refinement as any good designer would say. We have also been working hard to complete [...]