Nickel on a string

Do you find yourself dropping your nickels?  We did, and so we came up with this really ingenious idea.  By drilling a hole in the nickel and tying it to a string so that you can fasten it to your belt.  Silly?  I think not. So after another long day of work, we were able to [...]

CropStop update

The students of Studio V, with a LOT of help and guidance from Professor Pastre I must say, have been keeping busy on the build for over a month now.  The build has been running pretty smoothly as of late, with much progress made through the weekend and up to today.  We have the whole [...]

Back to full swing!

It's the beginning of the week and things are about to be back in full swing.  There will be lots for us to do going forward.  Over the weekend we were able to get the all of the walls attached and squared up, sheeted, and then the roof plates were installed.  Due to unforeseen delays, [...]

Overdrive engage

We are now a week and a half on the build, and things are not looking so good.  The two icy storms already had put us behind.  This week rain has slowed us, but we have continued to work.  It is clear that all of us are getting a little nervous about finishing this thing [...]

Refreshed and ready

Our spring break is now over and I think I can say at least for myself that I needed every bit of it.  It was great to relax for a short while.  Our studio has been pretty much full throttle the entire first half of the semester.  I'm sure the trend will continue into the [...]


Another review has come and gone and once again we find ourselves coming away with more questions than answers.  We came a long way in only a week in a half; a lot of problems were solved.  Mainly, the overall layout for the kitchen, all of it's components, including the bathroom finally works programmatically. It [...]

Today, we got yet another review under our belts.  These reviews are always helpful, and it seems as though the information and feedback continues to increase as more people begin to wrap their minds around this project.  Of course, all feedback is good feedback and we appreciate the ones that were able to make it [...]

Our first review and moving forward

  Last Friday's review, our first, was helpful in many ways.  First and foremost, making an early connection with a vast array of professionals with involvement and/or deep interest in this project is very important.  This meeting was a way for everybody to get on the same page.  Although, as a studio, we used graphics [...]