CropStop update


The students of Studio V, with a LOT of help and guidance from Professor Pastre I must say, have been keeping busy on the build for over a month now.  The build has been running pretty smoothly as of late, with much progress made through the weekend and up to today.  We have the whole structure sheeted and ready for inspection tomorrow.

photo 2


It doesn’t seem like long ago that I just arrived here for the semester.  Now the semester is actually winding down to the end here in a few weeks.  My semester here has been the most educational experience for me.  It’s amazing the amount of knowledge I’m going to be coming away with.  Sitting at a computer or in a classroom is great, but there are some things that need to be learned through the experience of getting out there and trying to build something.  This is the time we have to make mistakes so that we may learn from them going forward.  There’s been plenty of times now that something we did was wrong, so we had to redo it.  That’s okay though, because it’s all about what you learn in the process.  It’s been fun, and challenging all throughout and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


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