Thumbs up!

NCM_0197Thursday, Charleston County Buildings Inspector Director Carl Simmons came by the shop to inspect studio v’s crop stop kitchen. Unfortunately, none of us could be there because we all had class, but professor Pastre reported to us afterwards that Mr. Simmons gave us a thumbs up on all of our framing and the go ahead to carry forward.

Friday, the next shipment of cypress is due. This will allow us to advance our construction of the dog-trot and porch area as well as begin construction on the door jambs and doors themselves. We have decided to construct the four screen doors ourselves.


Now that the entire chassis is wrapped, we can also begin to place furring strips along the outside that will serve as the anchors to fasten our metal facade to. For the roof, we will finish up the wrapping with a special ice and water shield wrap that is specially formulated for metal roofs that can take the extra heat.

Image Credits: Nolan Rish

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