Thumbs up!

Thursday, Charleston County Buildings Inspector Director Carl Simmons came by the shop to inspect studio v's crop stop kitchen. Unfortunately, none of us could be there because we all had class, but professor Pastre reported to us afterwards that Mr. Simmons gave us a thumbs up on all of our framing and the go ahead [...]

Can’t wait to do some trotting!

Our dogtrot is one of the coolest features of our kitchen design. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to install it yet because our Cypress wood has been held up in Atlanta until Friday. For the dogtrot, we will install cypress for the decking, walls, and ceiling. I especially look forward to that "punched out" feeling [...]

If you ain’t burnin’, you ain’t learnin’!

The chassis had been ground down and de-rusted using a special chemical that changed the iron oxide into iron phosphate. This stabilized the steel and prepared it for reinforcements to be welded on. The way the chassis is constructed, there are two larger beams that run the full length from front to back, with flanges jutting [...]

Down to the Nitty Gritty

This Monday we continued to produce, examine, and refine our construction documents. We took an in depth look at things such as how our facade will attach to our exterior walls, corner details, as well as roof framing details, and how it will meet the walls. The team has also been refining the budget by [...]

A Very Chassis Dogtrot Kitchen

Despite the weather delays, the studio is still eager to proceed on the project. We have all collaborated and agreed that merging our two groups' projects would create a successful design. Team A's functionality and Team 1's aesthetic appeal will together make for a very unique and useful kitchen prototype. We will continue to work [...]

Another Day, Another Design

We're just under halfway through the next wave of conceptual designs. This time we have been divided into two groups in order to push our concepts further. Coming together in this stage really helps us push each other to further our individual ideas and combine them. Our group is working towards a design that incorporates [...]