The Devil’s in the Details

Detail of the Crop Stop exterior

It’s really satisfying to see the Crop Stop coming together. We have all put in a lot of time to make sure the Crop Stop is of the highest quality, and it is really evident no matter where you observe it from. I hate to have to toot our own horns, but when you get up close and personal with the Crop Stop like we all have, you can really start to appreciate the hard work, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Little things like lining up the screws and maintaining a consistent spacing between boards really pay off in the end when you can back up a little bit and take it all in. Everything is coming together great, and the transitions are very smooth between the different materials. We are all looking forward to tomorrow when we get to show off our hard work at our final review.

Corner transition from the exterior into the dog-trot
An up-close of the cypress wood lining the dogtrot
View from inside the kitchen looking out, framed by cypress

Corner transition from the exterior into the dog-trot

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  1. Team, your work looks great. You’ve made a lot of prgress since my visit to the site on April 2nd. I’ve shared your progress with my colleagues at Corning. They are equally impressed. I can see the hard work and sacrifices you’ve made, and it appears to have paid off. You’ve established a very strong platform to launch the “farm to the classroom” campaign. Keep up the good work, and don’t take your eye off the final goal. Can’t wait to see it next time we’re visiting. Greg Overstrom

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