Getting some structure

Wednesday we met with the structural engineer John, to look over some of our details and model that we created. We went over some details about roof, railing, beams, and truss. Some adjustments John recommended was that the beams need to 2x10 and not 2x8 and possible have two of them instead of one.  Another [...]

Down To The Wire

Finalizing our plans and details is what Studio V is up to. We have been working on our construction documents for the past week and after knocking out all the necessary details Tuesday night, down to the exact measurements of the materials needed, we are about ready to start fabricating! As it has been said, [...]


The studio was once again split up into smaller teams to finish us the semester. A small group of the Crop Stop team went to Greenville to finishing up the build. The remainder of the studio stayed in Charleston, one half doing construction drawings and worked on the mock up, and the other half hashing out [...]

Developing Details

While the studio is being temporarily split into two groups to focus on both the crop stop and the solar decathlon cabinetry, both groups are working on finding solutions to detailing.  Working through details can be a daunting task when looking through the lens of firmness, commodity and delight.  There are a multitude of possibilities in [...]


In inheriting the Crop Stop, our team had to dig some holes to get to the roots of what was done before so we can take the project to the next level.  This acquainted us with the nature and scale of what we are trying to accomplish by the end of the semester, and beyond [...]

Down to the Details

The initial phases of the build continue moving ahead as we refine the construction documents. After working for weeks on these documents, I’m eager to hop on board and get my hands dirty. However, there is still drafting work to be done. This project is all about the details, and we have quite a few. [...]