Down to the Details

The initial phases of the build continue moving ahead as we refine the construction documents. After working for weeks on these documents, I’m eager to hop on board and get my hands dirty. However, there is still drafting work to be done. This project is all about the details, and we have quite a few. Crafting these details takes hours of thought going through iterations and determining exactly how we will make them work. But these long hours now will be worth it in the end when our kitchen is lookin’ mighty fine.

This past Wednesday, we had the great fortune of being joined by nationally acclaimed architect Marlon Blackwell. He took a look at some of the details we’ve been developing and gave us valuable feedback on specific issues we were having. Our discussion led us to make some tweaks to the design that will make a greater end result. Although we are behind in the completion of our documents, the time we have taken to think through all aspects of the build will make for a quality product.

Harry Crissy has been stopping by the shop to check up on the build, and has expressed the growing excitement of those in the community. It’s encouraging to hear the enthusiasm of those in the community, and to know our project will benefit so many. That will serve as our drive as we push forward and work tirelessly to bring this project to completion.

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  1. I share your excitement over your progress after reading this post from yesterday. Here’s hoping the weather remains a productive factor for you. Thanks for teaching me the term “iterations.”

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