Long Days, Longer Nights


After a great studio visit from Marlon Blackwell and his very interesting lecture, it was time to get down to business. As we get closer to the end of the semester, time is slipping and big moves need to start happening. So, Wednesday night I and two other students stayed up to push through all the construction documents needed for a building permit. As one of us drew, another line-weighted, and I finished the drawings with annotations and layed them out into sheets.

Now this is not a set of documents that are particularly polished, and I am more than certain that we will be continuing to work on these more; however, it is a foundation that we can now work off of to really fine tune the construction details. This project has very much crept up on us, both with scope change and time consumption. Yet, we are still pushing to get this great project off of the paper and into reality; and that starts with these documents. I really hope we continue to push and make our best efforts to complete this project, because it is too good of a concept to let it fail.

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