Overdrive engage

We are now a week and a half on the build, and things are not looking so good.  The two icy storms already had put us behind.  This week rain has slowed us, but we have continued to work.  It is clear that all of us are getting a little nervous about finishing this thing up in time.  38 days.  That is how long we have until our final review out on site.  We all need to step up if we are going to make this happen.  This is a huge a daunting task we have been handed and failure is not an option.

With this being said, and a feeling of uneasiness apparent in the last few days, I think we will come together and make major leaps to pull this off.  I believe in all of us.  Communication will be key in this project’s success.  When each person is available to work really needs to be discussed and a more vigorous schedule needs to be laid out.  If we pull this off it will most likely be the most rewarding of all of our semesters at Clemson.  We have to want it, and realize that it isn’t going to come easy.  Tireless hours have to be spent at every chance we get.  We can, and we WILL finish this project in time for our final review.

Wish us luck!

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  1. I have faith in all of you! Take your vitamins! You can do it without luck because you have the skills needed…and the leadership.

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