No Rest for the Weary

So much for that day of rest. Studio V celebrated Easter Sunday in style by pulling another 12 hour work day. With so much to be done before this coming Friday, our time for relaxation and reflection will have to wait. We started the day staining the jamb pieces Professor Pastre had made the night [...]

Saturday Night’s Alright

But this morning sure wasn't. Chris, Nick, Professor Pastre and I had planned to start the day with putting up the first wall of metal. However, after our first attempt at application we found many issues with the way the wall had been built. Furring strips were not placed correctly, trim boards did not fit flush [...]

Down to the Details

The initial phases of the build continue moving ahead as we refine the construction documents. After working for weeks on these documents, I’m eager to hop on board and get my hands dirty. However, there is still drafting work to be done. This project is all about the details, and we have quite a few. [...]

Our kitchen has a home

  On Saturday, the studio made our war to Sangaree Homes & RV's, where our mobile chassis is located. We completed the demo work from last week and now our kitchen has it's base. Check it out:     Alright, it may not look like much now, but in a short two months there will [...]

Rain, rain, go away…

As we move closer toward the final design of the kitchen, we are reaching out to more people who can provide guidance. One such group is Berlins, a supplier of commercial kitchen appliances. We were supposed to visit there office Wednesday, speak with some folks about our design, and get some feedback. However, due to [...]

Back to the drawing board

The group design phase is underway, and both groups are off to a great start. In our group, we are focused on making one single structure that extends along the chassis base. The challenge for us is to create depth in a long, linear volume. To achieve this, we are experimenting with ways of arranging [...]

Find the dots, then connect

The studio is busy pushing ahead with individual designs. This portion of the project is great because it allows everyone to explore different aspects of the kitchen's design, which gives us a large amount of content and direction to discuss as a group. I really enjoy the design phase of projects. There are things you [...]