Rain, rain, go away…

As we move closer toward the final design of the kitchen, we are reaching out to more people who can provide guidance. One such group is Berlins, a supplier of commercial kitchen appliances. We were supposed to visit there office Wednesday, speak with some folks about our design, and get some feedback. However, due to the inclement weather our trip has been postponed to Friday. This winter has been relentless in its attempt to put us behind schedule, but our proposal is too ambitious for us to sit around and wait.

Even though classes were cancelled Wednesday, a few of us ventured to the shop to work on some things for another class. While we were there, we met with Professor Pastre and showed him what the group had come up with at Tuesday night’s low country feast. Overall he was very pleased with the direction we are taking but advised that we continue pushing forward between now and Friday. There are a lot of hurdles to go through during this next phase that will require everyone to put in an equal amount of effort.

We also decided we are going to try and do our low-country boil once a week. As Joel mentioned in his post, we had a great time chatting and bouncing ideas around the table in a more relaxed setting. It’s a great opportunity for the team to bond and get on the same page.

Sketching through some ideas in the woodshop

Sketching through some ideas in the shop

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