A Very Chassis Dogtrot Kitchen

Despite the weather delays, the studio is still eager to proceed on the project. We have all collaborated and agreed that merging our two groups’ projects would create a successful design. Team A’s functionality and Team 1’s aesthetic appeal will together make for a very unique and useful kitchen prototype. We will continue to work on the hybrid and draw from everybody’s strength to overcome any problems that arise in the design.

Today (Friday), we will meet with Berlin’s Restaurant Supply Inc. in order to get their input in the kitchen layout. We have the basic shape and shell of the kitchen, and with Berlin’s help we will layout the counter space, tables, and appliances in order to obtain the optimum functionality possible by maximizing circulation, usability, and storage space.

Berlin’s Restaurant Supply website

Image credit: http://caccstudiov.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/d33b1-van20essche20kitchen20sketch203-31-10.jpg

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