We Made It!

Yesterday evening around 5:45, we arrived to Clemson for our weekend of helping build the Solar D project. At 6:00 everyone met at Rick's Pizza Pub in Pendleton. At dinner, we got to meet with the rest of the Indigo Pine team. We also went over the initial itinerary for tomorrow and the rest of [...]

A Very Chassis Dogtrot Kitchen

Despite the weather delays, the studio is still eager to proceed on the project. We have all collaborated and agreed that merging our two groups' projects would create a successful design. Team A's functionality and Team 1's aesthetic appeal will together make for a very unique and useful kitchen prototype. We will continue to work [...]

Rain, rain, go away…

As we move closer toward the final design of the kitchen, we are reaching out to more people who can provide guidance. One such group is Berlins, a supplier of commercial kitchen appliances. We were supposed to visit there office Wednesday, speak with some folks about our design, and get some feedback. However, due to [...]