We Made It!

Yesterday evening around 5:45, we arrived to Clemson for our weekend of helping build the Solar D project. At 6:00 everyone met at Rick’s Pizza Pub in Pendleton. At dinner, we got to meet with the rest of the Indigo Pine team. We also went over the initial itinerary for tomorrow and the rest of our trip here in Clemson.

We are meeting at 9:00 this morning at the warehouse at the Agriculture Service Center in Clemson. Today we are preparing for Friday. Some of the tasks we will be doing today include- fixing the mis-cut parts and construction of leveling joists, roof beams, box girder. We will also be packaging different parts, cutting plastic underlay, adjusting the subfloor of plumbing and floor joists for plumbing.

We have a pre-construction meeting and safety seminar from 3:30 – 5:00 pm to go over different safety precautions to take over the weekend. We were given a safety checklist on what to wear and what items can be helpful. We were told to wear long work pants, shirts with long sleeves to prevent getting scratched from plywood, and safety toe work boots.

Hopefully by the end of the day today, we will be all set and ready to start building on Friday! We are all very excited and ready to start working with the Indigo Pine team here in Clemson on the Solar D project!


“Going up (to Clemson) on a Wednesday”


Dinner at Rick’s Pizza Pub

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