Were going up (to Clemson)! On a Wednesday…

Spring Break was just a few days ago, yet we are already moving at full speed in studio V. On Monday we quickly reviewed the engineers cad documents. We are also working on documenting all of our work for the CACC. This is something that every student here at the CACC does at some point, and it is our time to work through that.

Most importantly, however; today is the day we leave Charleston in order to go to Clemson and help the Solar Decathlon team. Throughout the semester we have been working with the Solar D team on many of our projects. In January some of their team members came to Charleston from Clemson in order to help with the construction of Crop Stop 2. It’s now our turn to help them, as they document the building process for the Solar Decathlon house.

As of right now we do not have an literary for the week. From what we know; we will leave this afternoon. We should be in Clemson sometime this evening. Once there, we will have an orientation to get us up to speed on everything that the Solar Decathlon team is doing. We will also get our work schedules (we are all anticipating this). If everything goes according to plan we will start working tomorrow morning.

Studio V is very excited about going up to Clemson and working with the Solar D team. It will be a great experience. We are preparing to be very busy working over the next few days. But then again, we are Studio V we are always busy! Keep checking our blog throughout the remainder of the week. All of our Solar D work will be updated daily!


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