Our Fearless Leader

For every great force, such as the ancient Spartans, there exists a genius and motivator such as King Leonidas. For every great nation such as the United States, there exists a leader and general such as George Washington. For every sports dynasty such as the New England Patriots there exists an unflappable coach like Bill [...]

Brackets, Brackets, Brackets

Wednesday was a step back from the fury of the weekend for Studio V. Wednesday’s agenda centered on the Crop Stop 2 brackets. During our Mock up review, the brackets were the center of conversation. The studio workflow and ideas were definitely on point today. While no bracket has been finalized, Studio V made real [...]

Cropstop Showcase

The race to finish the Construction set is almost over, and all of our hard work will have paid off. The Construction Documents have been redlined for the last time! Finishing touches are being made to the drawings, and they are being corrected at this very moment. The Construction set will be sent out any [...]

Lets Go Racing!!

It seems fitting that exactly one day after the 2015 Daytona 500, the studio V group is racing against the clock to finish Crop Stop 2 construction documentation. By the end of the week, the group will have to finish up CD’s review and redline them, as well as make corrections and send them out [...]

Deadline Time

Studio V is just over a month in, and the semester’s deadlines are beginning to take precedence for the group. These deadlines will shape the team’s work over the remainder of the semester. The major deadlines include CropStop 1 on Johns Island, and CropStop 2 in Greenville. CropStop1- While CropStop1 is winding down; we discussed [...]

Installing the Vinyl Floor

Before this big Super Bowl weekend, the Studio V team made a huge push out at Crop Stop 1 on John’s Island. The goal; to get they COREtec vinyl flooring installed. The group met early on Friday, loaded up at the shop and headed out to John’s Island. The Installation of the floor was very [...]

A Team Effort

    The long weekend did indeed end with the StudioV team collaborating in studio for the first time this semester. The collaboration involved a group effort to understand and interpret the existing CAD files for CropStop 2. After analyzing these files, significant time was spent preparing the existing documents for review by the engineer. [...]