A Team Effort



The long weekend did indeed end with the StudioV team collaborating in studio for the first time this semester. The collaboration involved a group effort to understand and interpret the existing CAD files for CropStop 2. After analyzing these files, significant time was spent preparing the existing documents for review by the engineer.

While one portion of our team worked on preparing the CAD documents, another group began brainstorming ideas for the windows in CropStop 1. The windows are located above the sink in the main kitchen. The group developed 3 ideas for these windows that will be further explored in upcoming days.

Window Idea 1- This idea involves using a hydraulic mechanism in order to automatically raise the window. It would require the user to trigger the hydraulic, which would then quietly raise its self. This would be a high tech idea, and would work very well. A downfall would be the price of the hydraulics.

Window Idea 2- This idea involves linking the windows together. Using this idea, a bar would run between the windows and when one window is triggered, they would all raise simultaneously. A downfall is that it could be bulky and be somewhat difficult to raise.

Window Idea 3- This idea involves a bar that slides inside of each window. That bar would lock when closed, but could swivel out when need be to hold the window open. A downfall would be that the window will have trouble closing with the swiveling bar inside of each one.





Window Planning




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