Good Friday… A Good Time to Gather Materials

The sun was out on Friday, and it was by far one of the most beautiful days that Studio V has experienced since we have been in Charleston. We had a few things on the agenda for this Good Friday.

For one, we talked about the logo that was painted onto Crop Stop 1 late Thursday night. The black logo looked great. The girls did an excellent job fighting the mosquitos and paining that logo on!

We also discussed a new sign that will stretch across Crop Stop 1. A sign would be a great addition to the Crop Stop because it is currently very plain, and it needs more labeling.  Because Studio V is working on it, we know the sign will look great! This project will be updated in the days and weeks to come.

Friday was also a huge day of preparation in regards to the Crop Stop 2 mock up. We spent Wednesday making a list of materials that our mock up would need. Friday, we went out and gathered these materials. This included endless calls to supply stores all over the Charleston area.  Who knew building supplies would be so hard to find? Luckily we were able to locate all of our materials at two North Charleston building supply stores. When it was all said and done, we had accumulated pieces of T-111, Melamine, plywood, and also pieces of the Huber Zip ply system.

The Huber Zip System is the product that we will be using for our exterior sheathing. It was a huge success with the Solar D team, and we felt that including it in our Crop Stops would be an excellent idea. If you are unfamiliar with the Huber Zip Ply System, check out the video that is linked in this blog. It is a very interesting building product.

Friday was a very productive day, in the sense that we got everything in line for this coming week. Keep checking Studio V’s blog for updates on our Interior mockup.

zip Ply 1 Zip Ply 2

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