The End is Near

This coming month is the last month of school, which means the last month of studio. So today during class we made a calendar of what all we have left to do for Studio V. We included the final dates for our classes and when our mock up review will be. After we made our calendar, we started making our mock up review model. We had to figure out how the door works in order to make our mock up model, so we worked on the door. We had to make the SketchUp parts for the door to make sure it works right. The pieces for the door will be cut later on. We are still missing our essential pieces because they haven’t been cut yet on the CNC machine. We had to get our different paint swatches today ready because we picked what colors we should use that go along with our color scheme.

All in all, we are getting ready and preparing for the end of our semester here in Charleston with Studio V.




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