Fine and Small Homes

After finding out that there is a company that specializes in CNC cut houses in our backyard, Professor Pastre has set up a tour of the facilities along with an option to get some last minute pieces cut for our mock-up review on Monday.  From the beginning the students and professors have been working to perfect this computer cut construction method dubbed Sim(ply), but we haven’t been able to study a true precedent.  Today is the day to achieve a further understanding of how these computer cut materials can be more efficient in our design, as well as finding a direction that the design could move toward as Crop Stop 3 will become designed in the coming months.  Fine and Small homes is helping the cause by cutting pieces that we realized we needed during the first mock-up of the kitchen for Crop Stop 2 in Greenville.  Our studio has been working to redesign parts that would not fit from the previous design, as well as modeling new pieces for the end walls that did not exist before we started the project.  Fine and Small Homes is helping our studio, Clemson University, and the farmers in Greenville tremendously by cutting these pieces for our project!

For more information and to see the technology behind Fine and Small Homes out of North Charleston visit

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