The Weekend Push

Over the weekend Studio V continued to design brackets, but only for the dog trot on Crop Stop 2.  After a long talk in studio about the brackets that would be adjacent to the porch structure, it was a unanimous decision to scrap that idea and attach 2x6 boards to the existing rafters to create [...]

Fine and Small Homes

After finding out that there is a company that specializes in CNC cut houses in our backyard, Professor Pastre has set up a tour of the facilities along with an option to get some last minute pieces cut for our mock-up review on Monday.  From the beginning the students and professors have been working to [...]

Are we there yet?

Over the last couple of weeks we have been working on construction documents to send to the engineer.  We're getting our first taste of an actual document set that has to be approved before construction can start, and overall I think this is an awesome experience and opportunity that we may not have again in [...]


The definition of redlining when it comes to a document is " a process by which changes are identified between two versions of the same document for the purposes of document editing and review".  There is another definition about redlining an automobile, and that is when a person drives at or above the cars maximum rpm.  Both of [...]

Crop Stop 2 Review

Last night was a long night leading up to our first critique of the semester.  We've been thinking and designing the finishing touches for the structure in Greenville, but today is the first time the professors are able to see what the class has been working on.  Some of the topics that needed resolving included [...]

Installation Continues

As you have seen, we have had a group to lay the floor and trailer the appliances out to John's Island.  The wood grain vinyl flooring looks great with the Cypress trim that is throughout the structure.  As the floor and appliances have been placed, there has been a group of students working back a [...]

Getting Ready for the Weekend

This week we have continued getting ready for the team from Clemson that is coming down with the kitchen pieces for Cropstop2.  By purchasing the wood for the foundation of the new structure we will be able to finish what is needed for the weekend build.  The foundation will consist of 2x12's, 4x4 posts, and [...]

A Breath of Fresh Air

Who knew studio could be so fun?  Throughout these first few days we've learned about the Cropstop project and how it will change the lives of many people.  We have already began work on the building on John's Island, and I could not be more thrilled!  Picking up where last semester had left off, we [...]