The Weekend Push

Over the weekend Studio V continued to design brackets, but only for the dog trot on Crop Stop 2.  After a long talk in studio about the brackets that would be adjacent to the porch structure, it was a unanimous decision to scrap that idea and attach 2×6 boards to the existing rafters to create more a farmhouse language.  This would also speak well with the existing porch structure because the same 2×6 rafters extend to where the gutter will be placed, forming a seamless gap to the eye.  Our job was to build a few different bracket options, design where the faux rafters would be placed to create the most symmetrical elevation, and make a jig to trim a little over two inches off of the existing Simply rafters.  As we had a team on each job, everyone finished up before the build of the new brackets so everyone was able to help with the build.  Bracket A, which is the studios favorite, uses two half lap supports that sandwich one 2×8 beam that will span 8 feet to the other side of the dog trot.  Interlocking pieces were attached to the beam that will hold the rafters an inch and a half above to create the same “floating” aspect that is in the porch structure.  Bracket B is more directly taken from the porch structure, but also uses total half lap joinery to create a slimmer image.  There are two beams that run on each bracket and this creates a gap in the middle to half 2×4 supports to create that same “floating” aspect as before. Here are the two brackets.

Bracket A

IMG_2824 IMG_2823

Bracket B

IMG_2828 IMG_2826

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