Can It All Fit?

With our Mock Up Review under our belt, we had to start thinking about our up coming trip to Clemson. On the 24th of this month we are heading to Clemson for the Solar D Gala. The reason our upcoming trip is a real concern of ours is because we are having to move the Crop Stop II Kitchen to Clemson. Our original plan was to completely disassemble the Crop Stop II Kitchen to transport it. The plywood of the walls have swollen together because of the weather from sitting outside since around the end of January. Because of this we are leaving the walls together so that when we load them on the trailer it will be one big piece. So our new plan is to disassemble the roof first, the walls, and then the floor last. We are going to load the trailer in the order that we disassemble the Crop Stop II. By doing that, we will have the pieces available in the order that we will need them to reassemble the Crop Stop II. Now our only concern will be, can it all fit?

IMG_3321 IMG_3323IMG_3322

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