STUDIO V – Spring 2018

Small buildings have always had a particular appeal. Micro works of architecture inspire an enduring charm that exceeds their function, even if that function is to be a pleasing decoration in the landscape. There are a variety of reasons for our infatuation with little forms. The miniaturization of architecture reduces it to a human scale … Continue reading

Hardwork is paying off!

With the ongoing painting machine, we were also simultaneously working all the pieces for the roof and columns. We have made incredible progress from trying to understand how to draw and measure the roof pieces to have them finally ready and figured out. The storage unit is also all cut and primed for the color … Continue reading

1 project, 2 project, 3 project, 4…

What to say about a well-rounded group of designs presented this past Friday. The goal of the progress review was to provide the Charleston Parks Conservancy with four interesting proposals where each targeted a different but equally important issue or opportunity. Our first group which was comprised of Katie, Tyler, and Lynn were tasked with … Continue reading

Don’t Forget the Fish

Due to the upcoming Hurricane Irma that is currently between Cuba, Haiti, and the Bahamas, Clemson University has decided to cancel classes at the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston (CAC.C).  Students were warned through a series of meetings to get a full tank of gas, arrange transportation, and find a place of refuge.  There are … Continue reading

Our weekend at Clemson

After a six hour ride we finally made it to Clemson! Friday morning we woke got started early and finished the day strong. We managed to unload the kitchen in Greenville at Mill Village Farms, make it back to Clemson to deconstruct the utility shed, and even deliver the majority of pieces of the utility … Continue reading

Can It All Fit?

With our Mock Up Review under our belt, we had to start thinking about our up coming trip to Clemson. On the 24th of this month we are heading to Clemson for the Solar D Gala. The reason our upcoming trip is a real concern of ours is because we are having to move the … Continue reading

Bug Spray And Weeds

This weekend, Studio V began its first construction mock and building assembly to figure out design details and construction methods. We needed to test out all the kinks in the design and practice putting materials together in order to improve efficiency before we go to Greenville and build our final structure. For our mock assembly, … Continue reading

Sustainability Gone Down the Drain

While the end goal of this iteration of Crop Stop sits squarely within Greenville County, the vision of Studio V spans the area of the continental United States: Studio V spent this week investigating the viability of the Crop Stop concept through six lenses of customization across the various regions of the US. Having been … Continue reading

Nickel on a string

Do you find yourself dropping your nickels?  We did, and so we came up with this really ingenious idea.  By drilling a hole in the nickel and tying it to a string so that you can fasten it to your belt.  Silly?  I think not. So after another long day of work, we were able to … Continue reading

Today, we got yet another review under our belts.  These reviews are always helpful, and it seems as though the information and feedback continues to increase as more people begin to wrap their minds around this project.  Of course, all feedback is good feedback and we appreciate the ones that were able to make it … Continue reading